EHM Engineers considers Don Anderson Construction to be one of the premier contractors for professional office, commercial and residential construction projects in Southern Idaho.

Don Anderson Construction provides quality building and construction services, completes projects in a timely manner, and works diligently to keep a project in budget. Don Anderson Construction is always willing to participate in “value engineering” to assist the owner in receiving increased value at a savings in cost.

Don Anderson Construction has been able to staff, finance, and complete projects of varied complexity and budgets exceeding $1,000,000.00.

I continue to recommend Don Anderson Construction to my clients and to utilize Don Anderson Construction as a preferred contractor for my personal projects.

Thank you for the opportunity to recommend Don Anderson Construction.

EMH Engineers Recommendation

This letter of recommendation for Anderson Construction comes as we have just finished a 15,600 square foot children’s wing addition to our existing Worship Center and Fellowship Hall.

Anderson Construction and their entire team was an excellent choice as we sought out a qualified commercial contractor to oversee this project. While Diana Anderson was our primary contact, we also worked closely with Don and Kenny throughout all phases of construction, and always found them to be easy to work with and anxious to help us resolve any issues that came up during the project.

But hiring a general contractor is so much more than finding ‘great folks to work with’. It is their professionalism, timeliness, expertise, and experience...that really set Anderson Construction apart from the rest. They were very clear and up front about what we could expect and always laid out the options available to us, even if it meant doing things differently or making adjustments to the plans. If an issue came up, they would come to us immediately - usually with suggestions in mind and we would work together to find a solution. If there were problems with subcontractors, Andersons would handle those quickly and efficiently and do whatever needed to be done to make sure the project stayed on schedule and on budget.

If you are considering Anderson Construction as a general contractor for your next commercial construction job, we would give them our highest recommendation. Our finished project is an incredible facility and everything that was under their control was done in a professional, timely and cost-efficient manner, with an eye to detail.

We would certainly give them every consideration if we were to consider another construction project.

Twin Falls Reformed Church Recommendation

To whom it may concern:

It is with pleasure that I recommend Don Anderson Construction as a very competent and qualified construction company.

I have had the opportunity to work with them on numerous occasions during the past nearly 30 years on many of my projects. I have found that they do quality work in a timely manner paying attention to detail and with a very professional approach. I have appreciated their attention to scheduling, communicating and over site for our projects.

A sampling of our jobs they have completed includes:

A remodel of the Blue Lakes Country Club exterior

Construction of the Filer Mutual Telephone Office Building

A large addition to the Twin Falls Reformed Church in Twin Falls

Hagerman Highway District Shop/Office

Without hesitation I recommend Don Anderson Construction, Inc as a General Contractor for residential and commercial projects. Please feel free to call with any questions.

Laughlin & Assoc., Architect, CHTD> Recommendation

Our firm owns and operates over 10 million square feet of real estate investment property in several western states. We have relied upon Don Anderson construction for many projects for over fifteen years. They are our first contractor of recommendation in the state of Idaho for a most simple reason. We know that when we work with their firm the outcome of our efforts will be on time and on budget. More importantly we know that we are dealing with people of integrity who will put our interests first even if the outcome adds cost or demands to be borne by Don Anderson. We highly recommend their services.

Magic Valley Mall (Woodbury Corporation) Recommendation